Welcome to the GCCGL.  The league is in its 23rd season!  It offers associates the opportunity to intermingle with each other outside the office in a fun, relaxed yet competitive atmosphere.  Over the years I’ve met a lot of interesting and wonderful people who I most likely may never have gotten to know if not for the golf league. This website was created in order to update the golfers with the latest information regarding the league.  It is updated regularly during the season which runs every Thursday from April throughout the summer for a total of 20 weeks.

If you are interested in joining the league, please email George AlmeidaKurt Kreyling or Jason Nill.  Send us your 9-hole handicap. We also require a minimum of 5 score cards in order to calculate a more accurate handicap. If you don’t have past score cards, please turn them into Kurt Kreyling between now and the start of the season.

We play at the Kenton County Golf Courses in Independence, KY.   Due to daylight considerations, the maximum number of regular members we can have is 24 (6 teams of 4). We have FOUR full-time member slots available this season. If you are interested in joining full-time, please contact one of the GCCGL commissioners above.  Members pay an annual membership fee which is determined at the beginning of each season.  This fee covers website hosting and domain costs, weekly winnings and end of season cash prizes.

Our tee times are:
5:16 pm
5:24 pm
5:32 pm
5:40 pm

5:48 pm
5:56 pm

We ask all our members to maintain an approximate 70% attendance rate for the 20 week GCCGL season.  If you can not be a member, please consider becoming a substitute.  Substitutes do not pay a membership fee and are eligible for money prizes each week but not the championship trophy.  Substitutes are called upon regularly to sub for members. Another big benefit is that subs are given the first opportunity to join as full-time members when there are opening. As stated earlier, we fill three openings this year already.

Feel free to browse the web site.  We hope you join us this season.  Thank you.

George Almeida, GCCGL co-commissioner

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