Kreyling Korner – Week #9 – 6/15/17


Dropped two last week to take my record to 4-6. Pete just sucks, and my teammate Cletus, well – he just flat out let me down.  Maybe Cupcake is on to something…maybe I should NOT pick my teammates in the MOW.  Short memory – let’s move on to week #9.

A/B Group – Mike “Big Donkey” Harris vs. Adam “Marge” Schott – Would you believe Mike Harris has not been in a MOW yet this year. That’s nearly halfway through the season, and quite frankly it doesn’t feel right.  Plus, I now have a losing MOW record.  And how do I get back in the running – you pick “old reliable” Big Donkey.  Yeah, I already tipped my hand on who I’m picking, but I don’t think it will be a blow out.  By big Mike standards, his 2017 season has been a bit disappointing with an overall record of 2-2-1.  Schott, on the other hand, has a record of 2-1 and is getting 3 strokes on the forgiving front 9 of Pioneer.  Marge and the Young Guns have opened a sizable lead over STC, but I think Mike takes the W tonight inching his team a little closer to first place.  GLOSSY PREDICTION: Mike wins 6-4.

C/D Group – Joe “Cousin Joe” Cook vs. Mike “Squirts” Tucker – I know, I know. Both MOWs this week feature members from STC versus the Young Guns.  The teams are #1 and #2 in the standings, what do you expect?  Historically, Squirts has a 2-0 record versus CJ.  Joe’s having a pretty good season with a 4-2 record overall; it’s been discussed frequently how well Tucker is playing with an overall record of 5-1.  Everyone is well aware how much it pains me to give Squirts praise – but no one can argue how far Tucker has been hitting the ball of late, a huge advantage on the front of Pioneer.  Add in Mike getting 2 strokes from Joe and I think the chances of STC stealing a victory in this one are slim.  GLOSSY PREDICTION:  Ugh, I hate saying this – Mike wins 5.5-4.5.


Today the best players in golf embark on a mission to win golf’s toughest test. Erin Hills in Wisconsin is the site of this week’s US Open and if you have been watching any coverage you know all anyone is talking about is the tall fescue.  If you think the rough at Kenton County is bad, flip the tournament on this weekend! All that being said, I think this week is a good time to look at some golf history.  Below are some little known facts about the US Open.  Or, at least that’s what the internet tells me.  Everyone knows if it is on the internet – it MUST BE TRUE!

  • The first US Open was played in 1895 and was played on a nine-hole course in Newport, Rhode Island.
  • It took 16 years for the first American to win the US Open. John McDermott was the first Yankee to win in 1911 at 19 years old.  He remains the youngest US Open champion ever.
  • The worst score on a hole in US Open history was a 19, recorded by Ray Ainsley in 1938.
  • There has been one par 6 in the history of the US Open. In 1912, the Country Club of Buffalo’s 10th hole was a par 6 measuring 606 yards.  To put that in perspective, this year’s site (Erin Hills) has four holes over 600 yards.  All of them are par fives and the longest, 18, is 663 yards.
  • The scorecard for Erin Hills will be par 72 – the first time par for a US Open has been 72 in twenty five years.
  • Steve Trattner, a man you most likely will not hear about during this year’s US Open telecast, is the man originally behind the vision and development of Erin Hills. He will be watching this year’s Open from a prison cell.  Trattner, who worked on the golf course for over a decade, was sentenced to a 35 year prison term for killing his wife only months before the course opened.

Until next week – fairways and greens my friends.

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