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Week 15- August 5th, 2010 Update
Where do I begin?  What a week! First of all, another great turnout on a super ridiculously hot day.  Perfect attendance again.  Thanks again to all the subs who stepped in.  Without you, this league isn’t nearly as good.

The first trade in GCCGL history was made at the last minute just before the trading deadline.  Mike “Big Donkey” Harris, sensing his team was starting to slide and buckle under the pressure of trying to hold onto first place, pulled the trigger on a blockbuster!  The trade details were to deal  John “Syndrome” Rayburn, two cases of beer (one to Ken “Hump” Bailey and one to Jason “Cupcake” Nill), and a frisbee for Nate “Moonboy” Berkley.  It was a perfect fit if you think about it.  Hump’s team the Shaft Masters has been out of the race since like the fourth week of the season and they had the up and coming youngster available and worked out a deal.

Rayburn was out of town but he released the following statement, from his blackberry on his sailboat “Let’s face it, KBSOB was lame starting with the team name. It’s the perfect time to take my talents to South Beach. ”  Ken has thrived since he left Highland Heights and I’m eager to follow in his footsteps”.  Any money winnings earned by KBSOB will be prorated and divvied up proportionally. Although trades have been allowed for several years, one has never been pulled off until now.  New rules will be drafted for next season to serve as guidelines for future trades. All rules will also be reviewed and modified as necessary in order to maintain the entertainment factor.

Harris was visibly ecstatic when cornered by the media and had this to say, “I was tired of carrying this team.  Look at us, this team consists of three old farts and me!  I had a chance to inject some youth and I took it.  And let me tell you something else, if not for the trading deadline imposed by that little, power hungry Portuguese tyrant Almeida (I smell a new nickname), I was this close to pulling of a 2-for-1 deal that would have brought Jason “Cupcake” Nill to KBSOB for Cletus, Ollie and a box of jalapeño flavored beef jerky!”  Circle the date of August 19th on your calendar.  This is week 17, the last week for match play.  Rayburn vs Berkley. This matchup could go a long way in determining the GCCGL winner as Syndrome will no doubt have revenge flowing through his veins while Berkley tries to validate Harris’ decision to trade for him.

Of course, the trade had to be approved by the commissioner’s office, aka, “The Three Wisemen”.  The official vote was 2  – 1 in favor of the trade with the lone holdout being Cletus.  When asked why he voted against the trade his response was “I voted against the trade strictly for political reasons”.

As for the golf matches, the big winners this week were WOGD with 24 points. They picked up 8 points on 2nd place ABB and are only 2.5 points out of 2nd place.  League leaders KBSOB held in there with a respectable 21.5 points and currently have a comfortable 13.5 lead.  Newcomer Nate Berkley won his first match as a KBSOB member grabbing 5.5 points.  Meanwhile, the Shaft Masters who have lingered at the bottom of the standings most of the season are making a big move and all of a sudden are only 3 points out of 4th place after grabbing 23 points.  The Zingers are headed in the wrong direction after a promising run during the middle of the season.

In other news, Reinersman has emerged as a promising commentator and has been added as a writer/reporter for the GCCGL website, Metz was bombing shots 240-250+ all night long including one on hole #6 that crossed over the fairway on #7 and almost out of bounds to the right of the sand traps!  I think he pulled it just a little.  In the Mike Harris vs The League segment, Mike went 15 – 3 this week!  Also, Big Donkey Harris quit the GCCGL………for about 10 minutes.  Cletus had to calm him down and convince him to stay.  Why was Harris so upset?  I guess I may have had something to do with it.  Long story short, a rumor was spread which hinted that there was some creative handicap management going on.  Harris’ HC went from a 2 to a 3 overnight after Cletus offered detailed information on how to manipulate the HC calculation in the Parson’s HC software by posting a score of over 38.  Mike played golf earlier in the week and posted a respectable score of 40.  Nothing wrong with that.  This score was added to Parsons thereby  dropping an old score of 33 off Mike’s HC calculation thus bringing his HC up to a 3.  I may have implied some funny business was going on and Big Donkey got offended.  Emails began flying and tempers flared.  I for one, bunkered behind closed doors and avoided the hallways like the plague. I didn’t want to wind up under Mike’s shoe.  For you Seinfeld fans out there, I felt like Jerry Seinfeld did when crazy Joe DaVola was after him.  Cooler heads prevailed and the two of them resolved matters on the tee with a very masculine “man-hug”.  All is good again.

All this excitement got Cletus so keyed up he stomped his feat, clapped his hands and proclaimed, “This is the best GCCGL year ever!”  Jeez……..get out much Cleat?

The low net winners were Mike Harris (A/B) with a low net of 33 and Mike Bush (C/D) with a low net of 30! Congratulations to the winners!

The schedule is set. Check out the new poll question. We move to the back nine of the Willows for the next two weeks. We look forward to seeing you on the golf course. Good luck to all and as always……hit ’em straight!

George Almeida, GCCGL co-commissioner

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