Waiting List

This is the official waiting list for full-time membership in the GCCGL. The rules are as follows:

1. All substitutes get the first shot at the beginning of each season to put in a request for full-time membership with the exception of non-General Cable employees. What this means is that if a non-GCC sub puts in a request for membership but a new GCC employee who was not part of the league in the past also puts in a request, the GCC employee gets precedence.
2. The first respondents to the official “Members needed” email will be accepted in the order they were received. However, if we have more respondents that slots, then GCCGL tenure will take precedence.
3. General Cable employees will always take precedence over non-General Cable employees even if the non-GCC employee is a long-time substitute (sorry).
4. Past members are allowed hold their position on last year’s waiting list if transferred or working out of state or country long term.

Waiting List

Position Last Name First Name Status
1 Kramer Jason Substitute


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