Event – Pink Ball Scramble

Pink Ball Scramble
The Pink Ball Scramble is a new event first introduced in 2015, the 20th year anniversary  of the GCCGL. It was highly successful and entertaining so it has now become a staple event of the GCCGL.

The rules are simple. On each hole one player plays the pink ball all the way into the hole, and the other three play a scramble. On the next hole another player plays the pink ball. The rotation must stay in the same order. Final score is calculated by adding the pink ball total with the scramble total. For example, if the player playing the pink ball shoots a 5 on the hole and the other three players shoot a 4 then the total score for the hole is a 9. The scores will be calculated at the end of the round in the clubhouse.

Point Awards are as follows:
1st Place – 20 pts
2nd Place – 17 pts
3rd Place – 14 pts
4th Place – 11 pts
5th Place – 8 pts
6th Place – 5 pts