Event – Battle Golf

The premise is simple. It is the normal match play format however when a player wins the hole, not only do they win a point but they get to take 1 club away from their opponent INCLUDING the putter. You can physically take the club away or just tell your opponent that they are not allowed to use the club and rely upon the honor system. Depending on how the match is going, it may be easier to just take the clubs as opposed to keeping track of them. If you lose a club and win the next hole, you can ask for your club back or take one of your opponent’s club. If the hole is split, it is a push and no clubs are exchanged. Below are the rest of the rules to GCCGL Battle Golf event:

  1. You can carry NO MORE than 14 clubs in your bag including the putter. These can be any variation of clubs as long as it is the normal set of clubs you play with every week. If you normally carry 2 drivers, then by all means, continue to play with two drivers. No one carries two putters. It is up to you but you can not have more than 14.
  2. You can not use your opponent’s club.
  3. If at any time, you chip it in the hole from off the green and fringe, regardless of your score on the hole, you GET ALL YOUR LOST CLUBS BACK!