Hall of Fame Inductees

Year Name Career Ranking
2017 Harris, Mike 2004 – present A
2016 Petryk, Ed 1999 – present B
2015 Nill, Jason 2001 – present C
2015 Bloomhuff, Allen 2001 – present D
2015 Almeida, George 1995 – present D

Career Stats

GCCGL Hall of Fame Inductees (all stats below are of the time of induction)

Mike Harris – 2017 HOF

2nd all-time on the career earnings list ($992)
1st for all-time number of GCCGL championships (7)
2nd all-time career wins (89)
5th all-time career points (897)
3rd all-time career winning (at least 80 matches) PCT (.591)
5th all-time career matches (165)

Big Donkey joined the GCCGL in 2004 after spending almost the entire 2003 season as a substitute. Mike was so desperate to play in the league, he would routinely offer to sub for anyone each week. When no one asked him to sub, he would just show up anyway and wind up subbing for someone who couldn’t make it at the last second. BD has compiled an impressive resume finishing in the top 5 in all major statistical categories. As impressive as Big Donkey’s on-the-field statistics are, his contributions to the GCCGL do not stop there. Several years ago, Mike was a co-commissioner for the GCCGL for all of two weeks before buckling under the pressure and quitting abruptly. Despite BD’s lack of commitment, he is responsible for the creation of one of GCCGL’s beloved events, Battle Golf. He is probably best known for his endless complaining regarding the calculation of his handicap and his perceived unfair treatment directed towards him in the draft selection process. The man has 7 GCCGL championships in 13 years. I ask you, how unfair could the system be? At any rate, Mike’s achievements and contributions are most definitely HOF noteworthy.

Ed Petryk – 2016 HOF

6th all-time on the career earnings list ($579.13)
3rd (tied) for all-time number of GCCGL championships (4)
5th all-time career wins (76)
4th all-time career points (979.5)
5th all-time career winning PCT (.588)
7th all-time career games (136)

Big Ed has had a long and distinguished career in the GCCGL as you can see based on finishing in the top 10 in all major statistical categories. This gentle giant started out as an A Player but has played as a B Player throughout the latter part of his career. He is best known for leading his 2006 team to the GCCGL Championship after finishing tied for 1st. In one of the greatest moments in GCCGL history, he and the other team captain decided on a winner-take-all “drive-off” in which Ed convincingly won and was picked up by his team members with the assistance of several other members and a small portable lift crane (Ed’s a big guy) and carried into the sunset or in this case, the back patio at the Kenton County Golf Course for some well deserved libations. As it turns out, this is Ed’s last season as a member of the GCCGL as he moves west to start a new life and find a new golf league. Good luck with that!

Jason Nill – 2015 HOF and Lifetime Achievement

2nd all-time on the career earnings list ($752.12)
1st (tied) for all-time number of GCCGL championships (6)
4th all-time career wins (76)
2nd all-time career points (973)
16th all-time career winning PCT (.529)
3rd all-time career games (154)

Long time GCCGL treasurer, statistician, co-commissioner and league enforcer, Cupcake is well deserving of this honor. His GCCGL statistics cannot be questioned. His teams win championships. His service in the GCCGL commissioner’s office has transformed this league into the premier golf league in the Southeast. He is the ONLY one who knows how to update the GCCGL “morning after” stats spreadsheet. No one else can figure it out! He owns one of the hardest swings in the league and is always prepared for each match and he hardly ever runs out of beer during a round.

Allen Bloomhuff – 2015 HOF and Lifetime Achievement

1st all-time on the career earnings list ($843.87)
2nd (tied) for all-time number of GCCGL championships (4)
1st all-time career wins (87)
3rd all-time career points (938.5)
12th all-time career winning PCT (.540)
1st all-time career games (173)

Former GCCGL co-commissioner, handicap czar, tee time planner and league prankster, Cletus is well deserving of this honor. His GCCGL statistics are even more impressive than that of co-commissioner Cupcake except for the GCCGL championships. His service in the GCCGL commissioner’s office is legendary and rife with controversy. His Cletus Handicap system has been adopted throughout other Appalachian beer leagues. His antics and tomfooleries have provided countless entertainment and blog material. Cletus was also known to keep everyone honest with his side bets which later on morphed into the GCCGL blog’s Cletus Tally.

George Almeida – 2015 HOF and Lifetime Achievement

5th all-time on the career earnings list ($589.79)
3rd (tied) for all-time number of GCCGL championships (3)
2nd all-time career wins (84)
1st all-time career points (1,102.5)
7th all-time career winning PCT (.558)
2nd all-time career games (164)
GCCGL founder and co-commissioner, GCCGL website administrator and blogger

Despite my objections, my fellow co-commissioners voted 2-1 thus allowing me this prestigious honor. Twenty years ago at the ripe young age of 29, I took it upon myself to find a tee time at a local golf course within 20 minutes of the office. Back then, this was no easy task. League tee-times were like gold. Kenton County was the last course I called and by chance they had just received a cancellation that same day for the 6:07pm Thursday tee-time! It was fate. I immediately booked it without having so much as a plan. I had 1 other committed golfer and no idea how to organize, never mind run a golf league. After all, I had just begun learning the game myself. Somehow I managed to scrape up 14 other golfers and a handful of subs (maybe less than a handful). We started with a spreadsheet that kept all the scores, statistics and handicaps. I handled all the handicaps, statistics, tee-times, rules, website, money and anything else that had to do with the league for the first 5-6 years until it got to be too much for one person. That is when Jason Nill and Allen Bloomhuff offered their help and I immediately accepted. The rest is history.