Hall of Fame Voting Period

The time has come to exercise power as a 2017 GCCGL member. Over the next couple of weeks you will vote for five Hall of Fame candidates to be put on the ballet and submitted to the GCCGL selection committee. The candidates will then be thoroughly vetted by the selection committed and must receive 60% approval by the selection committee before being added to the GCCGL HOF.

Between March 6th and March 20th, each GCCGL member should review the HOF Overview process and select a maximum of five former GCCGL members to the HOF ballet using the online HOF Ballot. You can choose to select less than 5 candidates if you so choose. Feel free to use all statistics available to you to help you make this very important decision. Email your candidates to the selection committee (Jason Nill, Kurt Kreyling and George Almeida). After the inductee period expires on March 20, the selection committee will tally the totals for all candidates and proceed with the HOF voting procedure to determine this year’s GCCGL HOF inductees. 

There are many fine candidates for the Third annual GCCGL HOF induction ceremony. Below you will find some examples of a few retired candidates to get the ball rolling. These are by no means the only candidates to consider. It’s just a sample to wet your appetite and get you thinking about this all-important responsibility. You can vote for FIVE candidates including active members and substitutes. Good luck and remember, this GCCGL HOF vote is a privilege and should be taken very seriously (not really).

HOF Candidate – Mike Harris (Big Donkey)
Bio – Not a lot of people know this, but Big Donkey was a GCCGL co-commissioner for all of two weeks! He filled the position currently held by our beloved Lip Gloss. It didn’t take long for the complaints to start pouring in after BD emailed his very first Tee Time Schedule. It took all of one afternoon of dealing with disgruntled golfers before he resigned abruptly eventually paving the way for co-commissioner Lip Gloss and the world renowned Kreyling Korner. But I digress, this man can golf. He’s 5th in wins (90), and has a career .585 winning pct. He’s 2nd all-time in the money column. He’s tied for 1st in all-time Low Net wins (33) and also tied for 1st in the Points Championship category (3). If that wasn’t enough, he owns 7 GCCGL Championships (most in GCCGL history). When he’s not winning championships, he’s flirting with them as witnessed by 13 top 3 finishes (T3F’s). That is more than anyone else in GCCGL history. 

HOF Candidate – Peter Goldenberg (Goldie)
Bio – I can honestly say this league would not be the same without Goldie. He provides a layer of entertainment with a unique blend of uncontrollable fits of anger and an east coast attitude that just can’t be replaced in my opinion. His childlike fear of lighting is legendary and the reason for rule Section 5B-2 of the GCCGL Rules – The “Goldenberg Rule”. Make no mistake about it, Goldie can swing the golf club with the best of them. Yea, it looks like he’s swinging a hockey stick but the damn ball goes long and straight! I don’t know how but it does! Pete is 2nd all-time in wins (95) and owns a whopping .621 winning pct. He’s 4th on the money list and tied with Big Donkey for most Low Net wins (34). He’s won one Points Championship and led his team to 2 GCCGL Championships. Overall, he’s finished in the top three (8) times.  Not bad for an old timer.

HOF Candidate – Jim Christian (retired)
Bio – Jim was one of the original GCCGL members 20 years ago. Jim was known for not being able to turn down sucker bets no matter what the odds were against him. Jim was also known for going through 3 medium sized golf towels during the course of a 9 hole round to wipe up excessive perspiration on the forehead and neck areas. Over the years, Jim has hosted what used to be an annual golf outing at his lake house on Lake Cumberland and was always a gracious host. Jim’s great sense of humor and care free attitude no doubt contributed to his early success with the GCCGL. He accumulated a .532 winning percentage and currently sits at #12 on the all-time career earnings list. He also led his team to 2 GCCGL championships during his tenure as a GCCGL member.

HOF Candidate – Ken Bailey (missing in action)
Bio – Ken enjoyed a lot of success during his tenure in the GCCGL. He was instrumental in helping engineer the first trade in GCCGL history when he traded Nate Berkley for John Syndrome Rayburn for two cases of beer and a frisbee. Ken also had to deal with folks constantly bombarding him with unflattering taunts regarding the inefficiencies of his Business Objects implementation. Ken, a fellow New Yorker, once had a heart attack while driving into work but continued on and made it into the office! You guessed it, it was a Thursday. Golf league night. Ken racked up a .512 winning percentage and 2 GCCGL championships and currently sits #14 in the all-time career earnings list.

Life-Time Achievement Candidate – Mark Dorsey (retired)
Bio – Mark fell short of the 15 victory limit by 1 (14 career wins). Such is the story of Mark Dorsey’s life. However, he still qualifies because of his 2 GCCGL Championships and he currently sits at #13 in the all-time career earnings list. Although his contribution to those championship teams most likely had nothing to do with his play, he did contribute in a major way by providing hours of comedic hi-jinks. A lot of folks may not know that Mark was stand-up comedian early on in his career and had a knack for finding the smallest flaw in a person and turning it into a 5 minute post-round stand-up act. This quickly became a regular gig for him every Thursday night in the Kenton County Golf Courses parking lot. A terrible golfer but a fantastic sense of humor pretty much sums up Mr. Dorsey.

These are just a few. There are many other deserving candidates. Please feel free to comment below on YOUR favorites and why YOU think they should get put on the 2017 HOF ballet. YOU NO LONGER NEED TO BE LOGGED ON TO COMMENT! We’ve been trying to get folks to comment on this blog since its inception but it just hasn’t happened so I made it simple.  I can’t think of any worthier cause than this.

Good luck, I hope your favorites get inducted this year.


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