Kreyling Korner – Week #19 – 08/17/17


Sorry boys, I missed last week. I kind of felt like George… Anyway, I went 1-1 in week #16, so the overall record stands at 10-12. Only, two more weeks of match-play to get my overall record to .500. It’s battle golf week – which makes this even more fun!

A/B Group – Nick “Potter” Duer vs. Joe “Boot Boy” Eiser – You know, typically at this point in the season I like to pick match-ups where a win or a loss could seriously affect a championship. Well, not this year because the Young Guns are running away with it. Thanks for ruining the fun guys! I picked Duer and Eiser this year for a couple reasons. First, these tow have a lot of history and a pretty even series with Joe owning a slight edge 4-3-2. Second, both of these guys are having pretty stellar seasons. Boot boy has an overall record of 7-4-1 while Duer sits at 9-3-1. So this is where the water gets a little muddy – Joe gets one stroke, but is that enough to overcome the smooth swing of Nick Duer. A lot of greens come into play off the tee for Mr. Duer and if he is “on,” he will be nearly impossible to beat. Both of these guys shot net 35 last week, so the question really becomes…who wins the first hole and takes their opponent’s putter? If Joe was getting a stroke earlier in the round I think he would have the upper hand, but having to wait until hole #9 may hurt. GLOSSY PREDICTION – Duer wins 6-4.

C/D Group – Brett “VP” VanPelt vs. Joe “Cousin Joe” Cook – I have to be honest, two of the C/D matches that I really wanted to put in here were on my team (Bloomhuff/Roddy, Almeida/Robinson). However, I made a promise to my team earlier in the season there would be no more MOWs for Dropping Deuces. Hence, you are stuck with VP and CJ. Let’s break this down – on one hand you have VP in his first year of the league fighting for every W he can possibly muster. It’s the first year and we all know there is a “league effect” your first year of the GCCGL. VP’s record of 1-4-1 helps to support the “league effect.” CJ on the other hand is on fire in 2017 at 10-4. At this point a lot of your guys are probably wondering LG – if VP is having a terrible season…and CJ is having a great season…on paper this match-up doesn’t look good. Why would you make it a MOW? Because I need wins YO! I’m closer than I have ever been to a .500 record and VP is playing in his first ever battle golf event! I almost feel like this is taking candy from a baby! GLOSSY PREDICTION – CJ wins 7-3.


So I have to admit, although I’m writing a Kreyling Korner this week, time is still in short supply in the Finance and Accoutning department. Unfortunately, that leaves very little time for creativity, so I think it’s a good week from some golf jokes. Enjoy!

Joke #1 – As a couple approaches the altar, the groom tells his wife-to-be, “Honey, I’ve got something to confess: I’m a golf nut, and every chance I get, I’ll be playing golf!”

“Since we’re being honest,” replies the bride, “I have to tell you that I’m a hooker.”

The groom replies, “That’s okay, honey. You just need to learn to keep your head down and your left arm straight.”

Joke #2 – A friend of Henry’s dies suddenly. A week later, he comes back to tell his friend how great Heaven is.

“Henry,” he says, “you won’t believe it, but there is golf in Heaven.”

“That is wonderful!” Henry replies.

“Don’t be so thrilled,” his friend tells him. “You have a tee-off time scheduled for Saturday.”

Joke #3 – A golfer standing on a tee overlooking a river sees a couple of fishermen and says to his partner, “Look at those two idiots fishing in the rain.”

Until next week – fairways and greens my friends.

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