2017 – Week 14

This week’s blog will be a short one. PW has endured a rough few days. For those of you who didn’t hear, Mrs. PW was unexpectedly admitted to the hospital last Thursday. As you read this post, she is still in the hospital but is recovering nicely and we hope to have her home soon. If that wasn’t bad enough, my car broke down on the way to the hospital! The alternator gave out while I was still on the highway but the battery kept the car going. I got all the way to just outside the Zone 2 parking lot at St. Elizabeth’s Hospital when my trusted 2005 Mazda Tribute gave out at the intersection. Luckily, a nice guy towed me from the intersection to the Zone 2 parking lot using a strap. Not the safest thing, I know, but it was better than blocking traffic and standing there like a moron, sweating profusely in the godforsaken heat! Man it was it hot last Thursday. I don’t have to tell you guys that. I called AAA and waited for them to show up and then walked to Zone 3 to find Mrs PW. By that time, she was already checked in and receiving her first IV and waiting to see if they could squeeze her in for surgery. Unbelievable. 

Now let’s get to golf. The Pot Luck event was another success. We had a pretty good turnout too. If you throw out the Fusting/Berkley match since they are both in the (C/D) group, and if my math is correct, the overall match play between the (A/B) group and the (C/D) group finished tied a 5-5. Once again this proves that the handicap is the great equalizer and it does work.  Of course, this hinges on the HC being accurate. You pickin’ up what I’m layin’ down Squirts? 

Of course I wasn’t there last week but in my opinion, the big story this week was Potter losing his second straight since being traded from Just End the Season to Strait to Church. In fact, Meat is now plus 4 points over Potter. I may have jumped the gun on the whole “worst trade in history” thing a few weeks ago.  Instead, this might have been the “best steal in history” if Potter keeps choking like he has the last couple of weeks. I mean, the JETS got Mike “Money” Morell, 8 pound of quality bacon and a box of wine. What was I thinking? That’s a GREAT deal! Maybe the steal of the century.

The big winners this week were the JETS who grabbed 23 points. They were led by Ollie who nabbed 8.5 points. Dropping Deuces won their 3rd in a row taking 22 points. they were led by Lip Gloss who stole 6 points. rounding up the top three were ROVER and Strait to Church who both narrowly won their matches both getting 21 points.  They were led by Berkley (6.5 points subbing for Snoodles) and Cousin’ Joe (7 points). The low net winners were Meat (A/B) and Miller (C/D) both with a low net of 30. Congratulations to the winners!

We continue match play and move to the back nine of the Willows this week.  We hope to see you on the course and as always, hit ’em straight!

Hold on…..hold on……I almost forgot. I’ll never hear the end of it if I don’t mention this. Below is a picture of Ollie’s “almost” hole-in-one on the second par 3 on the Willows front. I hope Marge made you put that. Nice birdie Ollie.

George Almeida – GCCGL Co-Commissioner


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