2017 – Week 10

Well, boys and girls, you’re stuck with me blogging again with PW, Aholio and Snoodles still in HH putting lotion on each other’s backs.  Look at those happy faces.  They may never come back.  

Most people didn’t know Snoodles was in HH with those guys.  The broken arm thing is a ruse.  He’s working on his tan before the big fashion show.

It’s going to be a short blog today, just like last night’s round should have been shortened to Golden Tee at BWs.  Not enough rain to actually postpone and no lighting or thunder to halt play.  No, just enough rain to really be annoying.  Like that piece of skin that hangs down from the roof of your mouth when you burn it eating wings that are too hot.  (I’ll buy a beer for the first guy who knows where I stole that reference from without googling it!).

The night started strangely with Squirts asking me for a little blue pill before he teed off.  I don’t know who he was playing against, but just glad it wasn’t me.  Do not look for balls lost in the woods with this guy.  Actually, as much time as Fusting spends in the woods looking for balls those two could be a match made in heaven.  Anyway, I gave him some Aleve and off he went. 

With the weather there wasn’t much in the way of post round libations (that’s a word for drinks, Mitch.  Not a porn reference for two girls).  Worse yet hardly anyone went out.  Actually, I’m the only one that went out.  Guess where I went!  Those two activities are the most fertile soil for blog fodder thus you’re getting this stream of consciousness crap. 

As I reviewed last week’s blog, I noted that I forgot to kiss the sub’s collective butts like PW always does.  And, guess what, I’m not going to do it this week either.  Sub stands for sub-human.  Lower than whale dung.  If my daughter married a sub, I’d kill her with a dull putter.  By the way…can anyone sub for me July 13?  I’m supposed to play Van Pelt.  He’ll still be in honeymoon mode so expect him to be a pushover.  He’ll be racing to get home and check his shaft stiffness.  Bah dum bum.  Try the veal.  (Like that Pete?)

On to golf.  Surprisingly, scores didn’t suffer much with the rain…it was a typical PF with 75% under par.  Team scoring was much closer than last week though, except for BEC getting trounced….again, 27 – 13.  Strangely, the other two teams both were at 21.5 – 18.5.  Or, Cupcake fudged it to get going on his pilgrimage to the beach.    More importantly, the Ditch Mitch campaign got a boost last night with the Prince going 0 – 21 – 2 against the league.  Ouch.

Ok, I’m bored with this.  I’m “working from home” today so off to BWs for lunch.  You get PW back next week in the blogging seat…and it’s supposed to be a great night for golf.

Low net for A/B was Meat with 30 and Cletus / Joel “no nickname” in C/D with 29.  Wait, did I just type that correctly?  Not Squirts?  Is his inflated handicap finally coming back to earth?  If not, it will soon, my friend.

John “Sydrome” Rayburn – League Designated Backup Blogger


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