Year: 2016

2016 – Week 20

What a finish! I’m not sure we could have had a better day weather-wise. It was perfect. No PW sweat stains on this night! We had pretty good attendance for the final night even though the round was FREE and all we paid for was the cart (if you wanted one). We had 22 of 24 golfers show up thanks to Nixon and Harmeling. A big thanks to those guys for subbing this week and to all our subs for a FANTASTIC year filling in throughout the season. The only two teams that played as a threesome were the 5th and last place teams. Go figure.

Congratulations to The Prince Albert Syndrome, (Prince Albert, Snoodles, The Legend and Syndrome) the 2016 GCCGL Champions! They leap frogged over the 1st place team, Three Men and a Sub after finishing in first place in the Best Ball Scramble with a very nice round of -7. Three Men and a Sub had a chance on the last hole. It came down to ONE putt. They were on in two and were staring down a 10—12 footer, uphill with a slight right-to-left bend for an eagle and a final score of -7 which would have kept them in first place. I believe the first three teams had already eagled the hole. Not automatic by any means but certainly makeable. Unfortunately for them, it didn’t happen thus completing the ultimate revenge for Prince Albert who a little over 20 weeks ago was embarrassed and humiliated when he was snubbed by Cletus and others in the GCCGL draft. Check out the video at the end of this blog. There were more than a few bleeps due to the “colorful” language. You know…it’s a lot of work editing this stuff out……I’m just saying.

The final Best Ball Scramble results were:

Place Team Score Points
1st The Prince Albert Syndrome -7 25
2nd Three Men and a Sub (tied) -6 17.5
2nd Laying 8 (tied) -6 17.5
3rd Protein for Peffercorn -5 10
4th Grandpa’s Cough Medicine -3 2.5
4th Gamblers Fallacy -3 2.5

The pre-season predictions weren’t that bad after all. The Prince Albert Syndrome were loaded with a combination of youth and veteran GCCGL experience and predicted to win the Championship and they did while Three Men and a Sub were predicted to finish right behind them in 2nd place. If you don’t believe me, you can read it yourself right HERE. After that, it all fell apart. How the hell was I so off regarding Gamblers Fallacy? They were predicted (by me) to finish tied for 3rd along with Protein for Peffercorn, who by the way, had to be the biggest disappointment this season. Boot Boy’s strategy of drafting four B players instead of going for at least one A player backfired in his face as his team struggled with having to give up so many strokes during match play. Anyway, back to “THE” official worst team in GCCGL history, Gamblers Fallacy. They finished a whopping, record-breaking 102.83 points out of first place! They say records are made to be broken but I seriously doubt this one will. They finished with a meager 300 points. That’s 3 less points than the 2014 Balls & Dolls team (Lickert, Bloomhuff, Rayburn and Cember) who played TWO LESS weeks! They averaged 15 points a week. Absolutely pathetic! Funny…..but pathetic.

Last week’s GCCGL blog post included some picture games. Did anyone happen to notice what is said below Cupcake’s name on the Alpha Tau Omega plaque? It said “WORTHY SENTINEL”. What in the world does that mean? I can only image Cupcake in charge of distributing the proverbial fraternity initiation spanking to new recruits.


Another memorable GCCGL season is in the books. It started with some crazy weather and the Florida Scramble where GCCGL rookie, Squints, went nose-to-nose with one of the cart jockeys. Week 2 included GCCGL’s first ever player suspension and Cupcake drag racing the family roadster on route 17. The very next week, Bleaker’s suspension was lifted proving once again that the GCCGL comissioner’s office can’t commit to anything. We also learned about team Three Men and a Sub holding secret closed door meetings. Of course the season is not complete without the addition of at least one new RULE, the Hollywood Bowel rule on week 4.  Week 7 was a very busy week when the Portuguese Warrior took the prize for “worst dressed golfer” and a new controversy reared its ugly head when a certain someone inexplicitly sent a sub home telling him we’d been rained out when it fact we weren’t. It was also PW’s last week before going on the disabled list with his third hernia. Another golfer got hit with a golf ball on week 8 and it wasn’t PW! Two of our co-commissioners were “outed” on week 9 (not that there’s anything wrong with that) and we held our first ever PGA Rules event which was a smashing success. Week 11 included an angry post by the Portuguese one (maybe LG is right about me, maybe I am an angry little midget….I mean “little person”). We also witnessed Squints trying to fish out his golf ball out of an alligator infested pond. We learned all about dream jobs and what a Mohel is during the GCCGL Pot Luck week. The Portuguese Warrior returned for week 15 and the Pink Ball event and Grandpa’s Cough Medicine immediately regretted it! After a couple week hiatus from blogging, the week 18 blog post re-lived what possibly could have been one of the worst weeks of my life. And that brings us to the final week of the season, the Best Ball Scramble, where the finishing touches were put on by The Prince Albert Syndrome, the 2016 GCCGL Champions!

Wrapping things up, we still have some questions going into next season like, Will Cletus return? Does Syndrome Syndrome deserve some HOF love now that he’s won back-to-back GCCGL Championships giving him 3 for his career? By the way, a HUGE thank you to Syndrome for buying fireball shots for EVERYONE at the post round celebration. Will Big Donkey finally get into the HOF after posting a 12-1 record and willing his team of misfits to a third place finish? Why did it take team Laying 8 41 minutes to catch up to the group ahead of them during the Best Ball scramble? Why didn’t one member of the 2nd place team, Three Men and a Sub, show up for the post round celebration? And finally, will GCCGL rookie Meat, ever get any ink on this blog? Check out the pic below. Meat finally gets some attention and his face gets obscured by the patio umbrella. Now that’s funny!


I’d like to thank my fellow co-commissioners Jason Nill and Kurt Kreyling for everything. It really is a lot of work running this league and those guys do most of the work during the season leaving me the time to concentrate on the blog which of course I didn’t even do for 3 or 4 weeks. A lot goes on behind the scenes including handling the finances, statistics, handicaps, tee times, surveys, Kreyling Korner as well as continuing to come up with fresh ideas to keep the GCCGL entertaining, competitive and relevant. I can’t thank them enough. Without them, there would be no GCCGL. So THANK YOU!

The Longest Drive winner was Bachmann (C/D). No A/B player kept it on the fairway. The CTP winners were Eiser (A/B) and Seiter (C/D). Congratulations to the winners!

Thank you to everyone who participated. You know….when you take the time to sum up the entire season one paragraph, it looks pretty decent! We had a great year, a fun year and even though it was not as competitive as years past, it still included one of the best finishes in GCCGL history. There was a whole lot of hilarious heckling going on which is why the order of the scramble is so important on the last week of the season. I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again, YOU, the players, are what makes this league fun and interesting. Speaking on behalf of my fellow co-commissioners, it’s been a pleasure serving as your commissioners this season and we look forward to seeing you next season!

George Almeida, Jason Nill and Kurt Kreyling – GCCGL Commissioner’s Office