Year: 2013

2013 – Week 17

thankyouIt’s official! After another picture perfect day in Northern Kentucky, a new champion has been crowned. The 2013 GCCGL Champions are #teamname! They were favored at the beginning of the season after having the lowest average team handicap. Congratulations to the #teamname members!
Mike Harris
Zeke Knechtges
Glen Gustafson
Jon Schemmel (2nd in a row)

Free Pork Sandwich made it interesting and even enjoyed a brief but euphoric week in first place very late in the season. They had all four players in the top 8 on the Points Leader board but couldn’t put together a decent scramble round to save their lives. I have to rethink the C.R.A.P. formula for success. There’s a kink in the logic and I think his name is Cletus. Who’s Your Caddie made a huge run for 2nd place but fell just a few points short and wind up in third place (in the money).

What a year. The attendance was off the hook this season (98%). We moved to a different rotation and secured an earlier tee time (5:24p) which made for some great rounds of golf and a much more relaxed experience not having to wait on the league in front of us. In fact, this will allow us to increase the number of weeks to at least 18 weeks, maybe 19, with the last week reserved as a rainout (if needed). If this works out next season, and we have plenty of daylight all year round, the “commissioner’s office”, this means you (Cupcake and Lipgloss), will look into possible expansion again to 7 teams if the interest is there.

We will be saying goodbye, temporarily, to a couple of our regular GCCGL members as they embark on new opportunities. Hollywood will be in Brazil next season while Golf Angel is in South Africa. We wish you both the best of luck! This means there will be openings for any substitutes that are interested in playing full time next season. Please see the Waiting List for the details on the admittance policy.

What have we learned this season? I don’t know about you but I’ve soaked up quite a few nuggets of knowledge. It all started with the GCCGL Draft when a surprise 1st round selection was made. I learned that there is an age limit on what type of socks one should wear on the course as well as other age appropriate fashion tips from Lipgloss. The age restriction also extends to eating anything with the word “Habanero” in it.  Hoo-wee! I believe the cut-off date is anyone born prior to 1967 has no business ordering wings that hot. You know you’ve made the wrong choice when the family dog gets up and moves across the room. I’ve grown to tolerate hip-hop music, but not on the golf course! Who knew that a video game would transcend into one of the more memorable GCCGL events of the season in Battle Golf? Although, I really didn’t learn anything regarding this next one, it is reassuring that Beer + Revenge still makes for a great combination when it comes to blog material! I also learned that we had a bona fide celebrity on our sub list, who knew that? The UFC has nothing on the GCCGL as witnessed by the Battle of the Roids on week 7. Finally, I have learned that wishes and dreams sometimes do come true when on week 3 our rotation schedule was moved and our tee time moved up.

The final best ball scramble results were:

1. #teamname (-8)
2. SNH (-7)
3. Who’s Your Caddie (-6)
4. Tiagra Woods (-6) *-4 with the penalty
5. FPS (-4)
5. Moore’s Misfits (-4)

Closest to the pin winners were Cousin’ Joe (A/B) and Barry Gibb (C/D). Congratulations! Mclinn wins more money ($134) than entire SNH team ($33). This sets a record high breaking last year’s record set by the old man Cletus. The battle for last place turned out not to be a battle after all as the Eiser /Duer two-man scramble team shot -6 (w/o the penalty) straight up with no extra shots. This was better than three other teams who were using all their players! Is Syndrome cursed? I don’t know, you tell me. He has finished dead last three years in a row and has $0 in the last two seasons but like I’ve said many times, you won’t go thirsty with him around and the entertainment factor just can’t be measured in wins or loses. LP observed Bachmann lying on the green on #6 trying to get a read on a putt. He said he looked like a bear waiting to pounce on a salmon!

There are new pictures in the Photo Album. The trophies have been ordered. As soon as they are ready we will schedule a luncheon to hand out the money prizes and hardware. I’d like to take the opportunity to thank my fellow GCCGL co-commissioners, Jason Nill and Kurt Kreyling for their help running this crazy but fun league. It does take a lot of time and effort but it is well worth it. I could not do this by myself so THANK YOU!! We try to keep it fresh always taking into consideration the entertainment factor. We have some ideas and changes for next season. Some of the things we are discussing include some new rules such a as a No Mercy rule after Mclinn sympathized with his opponent during Battle Golf and a Co-Op Assumption rule to balance how we introduce new subs. We are also thinking about a Kreyling Korner to provide you with much needed fashion tips and other very important and relevant tidbits. We’ll also start keeping track of a new statistic (Avg. Match Play Points per round). An interesting new stat that is in affect as of this 2013 season. Finally, be on the lookout for an updated Bio and nickname section as well as an official Complaint Form that can be filled out.

We leave you with a video summarizing another great year in the GCCGL. We hope you had a great time and we hope to see all of you back next season. Good luck and as always, hit ‘em straight!


George Almeida – GCCGL Co-Commissioner