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Kreyling Korner – Week #8 – 06/08/17


Would you get a load of that picture? Beer favored lip-gloss!  Still on the .500 chain going 1-1 in week #7.    

A/B Group – Pete “Goldie” Goldenberg vs. Joe “Boot Boy” Eiser – first time in 2017 Joe has been in the MOW and second time in as many weeks for Pete. In 2017, Pete’s overall record stands at 2-2-1 while Joe sits at 3-2.  Historically, Pete holds the upper hand in the match-up 3-1-1.  Another interesting tid-bit relating to Pete and Joe’s historical bouts is that 4 out of 5 of the previous meetings have occurred on the Willows back.  Joe’s only win occurred on the course that WAS NOT the back of the willows.  Since this year’s contest is also on the hardest 9 holes the GCCGL plays on, and because I picked against him last week, I think Pete gets the W.  GLOSSY PREDICTION: Goldie wins 5.5-4.5.

C/D Group – Allen “Cletus” Bloomhuff vs. John “Syndrome” Rayburn – The entire Dropping Dueces team is pissed at me right now. Specifically – Cupcake.  Just hear me out guys – Rayburn screwed me last week on the MOW, and then he actually called me out in a comment on the blog.  George had to tell me about it because no one reads the comments on the blogs.  Anywho, he screwed me.  Well I think it’s time for some paybacks.  Even though Cletus owns an overall 6-0 record against the Great Syndrome, I think Rayburn plays out of his mind this week and absolutely wipes the floor with Allen.  You hear that John – you are going to win and win big.  Jinx. Jinx. Jinx. Jinx. Jinx. Jinx. Jinx. Jinx. Jinx. Jinx. Jinx. Jinx. Jinx.  GLOSSY PREDICTION: Rayburn wins 7-3.  


Let’s take a look at what’s trending in week #8 of the GCCGL – shall we?


Team Chemistry – Last week I witnessed something I’m not accustomed to in GCCGL.  Cupcake and I were playing with (and against) Prince Albert and Russell.  Jason and I were having pretty decent rounds and were casually walking up the 18th fairway with our matches well in-hand.  We overheard something that made both of us pause.  Prince Albert was sitting in the cart, eagerly awaiting Crowe’s next shot.  He uttered the following – “one more good shot.”  Jason and I looked at each other with great confusion…that actually sounded like encouragement.

Rewind back to the 17th hole.  Yes, this was the hole where I was viciously attacked in the genitals by a bug no larger than the size of a dime.  Needless to say, after all the commotion, I hit a very poor shot that left me a chip from a downward lie that was virtually impossible.  As I walk to my ball, Jason being a smart ass, says “you should flop that.”  He flashes a stupid grin and walks over to his ball.  Of course, I hit a terrible shot of the green and end up making a bogey on the hole.  In the meantime, Jason pars the hole.  He’s the first one in the cup and I actually say to him “good par.”  To finish the hole – Mitch sinks about a 6 footer for par to which I say “great putt Mitch.  Good 3.”  As we are walking of the green Mr. Sensitive (aka Cupcake) says, “what about my par?”  What ensued between the long walk between the 17th green and the 18th tee was a verbal beat-down as I told Jason I already said good par and asked how much he needs me to stroke his ego for a freaking par.  Make a birdie next time and I’ll give you a top-gun high five jack ball.

I can’t really blame Jason for looking for encouragement. This is my 7th year in the league and the poor shmuck has been stuck on my team for 5 of them (with no better finish than 3rd).  Anyway – it was refreshing to see a team so encouraging of each other.  Team chemistry is definitely trending up.


 Mitch Smith – Oh how the mighty have fallen. You may remember that Mitch was featured as the first ever “trending up” in the week 3 Kreyling Korner. Since then, Prince Albert has missed 3 of the last 5 weeks (including tonight) and has lost the last two matches in which he actually played. And one of those was to ME! There have also been rumblings on the 19th hole about Mitch’s complacency after winning his first title in 2016. I won’t mention any names (*cough* Mike Harris *cough*), but certain people have begun a “Ditch Mitch” campaign. I for one am appalled at the idea of kicking out one of the best additions to the golf league in the last five years, but I do not speak for the masses. I hate to do it, but Mitch Smith is trending down.

Back Nine of the Willows – I know George touched on this somewhat in his week 7 post, but wow is the Back 9 of the Willows a hard golf course. 75% of the league last week shot over par on a net basis. That’s crazy. I will grant you the course is difficult, but I wonder if the mental game wreaks havoc on scores more than the actual holes. It all starts with 10, a 420 yard par 4 with a green that would make a PGA tour pro’s knees knock. If the pin on 10 is in the front of the green, a bogey 5 is one hell of a score. Last week, out of 21 golfers, the average score on hole 10 was 6.3. The AVERAGE was a double bogey. Making a double on your first hole will make any golfer press for the rest of the round, which undoubtedly results in forced shots and higher scores. Here’s hoping everyone gets off to a solid start on hole 10 this week and continues the momentum the rest of the round. The back nine of the willows is, and probably always will be, trending down.

Until next week – fairways and greens my friends.